How can a horse help you with your mental well-being?

Equine-assisted psychotherapy is a wonderful approach that draws upon horses’ natural instincts as highly alert prey animals who are also social and curious. By meeting horses on common ground, where they are free to interact with you as they choose,  you will get honest, real-time feedback on how you show up in relationships. You can experiment, for examples, with blending assertiveness and thoughtfulness, noticing what happens to your relationship when you are “in your head” or in the moment, and discover and get a new perspective on parts of yourself you might be struggling to avoid or control. The possibilities are endless.

Matt and his wife, Suzanne, have been providing equine assisted psychotherapy since 2004, when they were trained by the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association. Since then they have also been trained from PATH International and Natural Lifemanship. Sessions are conducted at their farm, ClearWind Farm, by appointment only. Sessions are offered to compliment in-office therapy (with Matt or any other therapist). Talk to Matt if you are interested.

Click above to watch a 30-minute talk Matt Case gave on equine assisted psychotherapy to a support group in September, 2021.