A collection of articles, handouts and web-links that caught my fancy and I thought you might appreciate as well.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Embracing Your Demons

Our Common Fate
This is a powerful slide show illustrating how we all struggle with terrible and distressing thoughts and feelings; that it is ’normal’ to feel not good enough.

How To Meditate
This is a nice introduction on how to meditate, with short guided meditations you can listen to, put together by The NY Times.

Understanding Our Minds

Learned Helplessness
If you hear anyone say “I can’t make you feel that way”, have them watch his video, which illustrates how groups can influence not only how we feel but also our ability to be successful.

Profound and Playful

Please Listen Poem

The Rules for Being Human

Exposure therapy can be incredibly effective. But it didn’t work for Meg Ryan in this excerpt from the movie “French Kiss”.